Do we have a passion for craft beer?  Definitely.   Do we have a passion for people who aren’t really fans of craft beer?  Definitely!  Where we adore craft beer, and want to provide that to the geeks out there, we also feel like most craft beer taprooms forget, or even ignore the domestic beer drinker. The saying goes “The best beer in the world is the open one in your hand”. We truly believe that, and we want nothing more than to cater to every beer drinker’s desires, while creating a true family friendly environment just like it used to be a quarter of a century ago.
We also know there are those that don’t like any type of beer and with that in mind we are glad to have a large selection of wines and signature drinks to include those from our line of Moonshine.

Our doors are always open to those that enjoy beer, and  to those that enjoy having a great time while drinking craft and domestic beers.